A new wave of Corona has started in China, there is a fear of 1 million deaths

Experts predict that China could have more than 1 million deaths in three waves of COVID-19 this winter.

At this time, the first wave of Corona has started in China, in which hospitals are full of patients, there are not even beds for patients in hospitals and people are being given medical aid on the floor, the videos of which are also viral on social media.

Chinese medical experts say that in December, January and February, China will face three severe waves of Corona in which 60% of the country’s population may be affected, while 10% of the world’s population may be affected by Corona in the next 90 days.

China is currently experiencing the first of three expected waves of Covid infections, with the second wave expected to last from late January to mid-February and the third wave to last from late February to mid-March.

Chinese health expert Eric Feigel Ding took to his Twitter handle to share a video of a hospital overflowing with patients, warning that the death toll from Covid could be in the millions.

Wang Guangfa, a respiratory specialist at Peking University First Hospital, told the country’s state-run Global Times on Tuesday that we must act urgently and develop fever clinics, and emergency, and acute treatment resources.

Wang said that hospitals should increase ICU beds on a priority basis, the wave of corona will last until the end of China’s Spring Festival on January 22. Will return to normal.

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