Affordable Fragrances and Beautiful Flower Vases

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Everyone loves perfume but the best ones can be expensive. If you’re a fan of fragrances, you’ll know the struggle of finding the right one for yourself that comes under your budget. If you’re searching for affordable perfumes or you want to check out the branded perfumes’ prices, you can do so from different online stores like eBay and Amazon, and shop comfortably from your home.

Whether you want a perfume for yourself or for a friend, here’s a list of some of the best perfumes that don’t cost much and will leave you smelling great for the whole day!

Bath & Body Works Lemon

We all love body sprays after bath & body works ever since we were teenagers, but the brand has come a long way and its fragrances are better now than ever. If you want to smell good and fresh without emptying your pockets, then check out Lemon by Bath & Body Works. It is the better one that will easily come in your budget and you more importantly, it is easily available on online stores.

Persian Rose Perfume

A fantastic perfume with attractive smell. The surprising thing is its lower price. Persian Rose Perfume is a combination of Bulgarian rose, subtle violet, myrrh and delicate fruit that will leave you smelling like royalty at a cheap price.

Now, you can enjoy your days with a pleasant smell and gentle feeling without spending much on perfumes.

Sonia Kashuk Yellow Alluriana EDT

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sonia Kashuk perfumes, then you need to check them out right away.  The brand has released four different fragrances including Pink Innocencia, White Etheriana, Purple Seductia, and Yellow Alluriana. They all smell amazing and come with a very affordable price tag.

Adorn Rose Quartz

The best thing about Adorn perfumes is that they come with crystals to enhance the fragrance for a long time. If you’re in search of a mesmerizing scent that leaves an impression, then pick one from Adorn at an affordable price.

Now, you will smell good! Spray it and let the fragrance to spread in environment.

Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit Fragrance

If you like your scents with a little vanilla undertone, then do check out the fragrances by Lavanila. The brand has put out a few products for Sephora and you’ll love their perfumes for sure. Its variations include grapefruit, lemon, and coconut.

Clean Warm Cotton

The scent of this perfume speaks for its name. A single spray of Warm Cotton will leave you smelling light and cozy like fresh laundry. Do try out other perfumes by this brand, you’ll love them for sure.

Gourmand Citron Glace EDP

Urban Outfitters has put out some wonderful fragrances at low prices. Don’t forget to check out their Gourmand’s range that includes perfumes like Citron Glace, Lait de Coco, Oud Sahara, and Pistachio Brûlée.

Flower Vases

Flower vases come in different shapes and sizes. If you love keeping flowers in your home, then you must want to try out different flower vases. Don’t know what options you have? Fret not, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of the different types of flower vases with their perfect arrangement in your room.

Rustic Vase

These vases have a narrow opening and a round bottom, this makes it perfect for heavy flowers. Sunflowers, lilies, and hydrangeas would look the best in this type of vase.

For the perfect arrangement opt a few stems of sunflowers, 2 stems of hydrangea, Solidago, Queen Anne’s Lace, 23 stems of honey bracelet and 1 stem of daises.

Mason Jar

These jars don’t cost much and they come in different sizes. You can use them in different ways and adjust them in different settings. They are best for vintage setups and unstructured wildflower look.

To arrange flowers in a mason jar, you’ll need at least 2 stems of Solidago, a few stems of salal lemon leaf, 2 stems of spray mums and at least 1 stem of feverfew daisies.

Milk Bottle

Milk bottles have a narrow neck and a wide opening at the top, when it comes to milk bottle vases, fuller-looking flowers would look the best.

Try arranging 1 stem of feverfew daisies, a few stems of stock and spray mums, 1 stem of Queen Anne’s Lace and 2 stems of sunflowers.

Cylinder Vase

Cylinder vases are the most popular types of vases and they are sold almost everywhere. You have so many options when it comes to cylinder vases, you can put flowers of different heights add a bunch of tall flowers for the perfect setup.

Go for 3 stems of sunflowers, hydrangea, stock and a bunch of salal lemon leaf stems.

Square Vase

Heavier flowers would look the best in square vases. They are ideal for bar areas and can work as little accent pieces. It might be a little difficult to arrange flowers in these types of vases because of their structure.

For a nice arrangement go for 11 stems of salal lemon leaf, w stems of hydrangea, stock and spray mums.

Bouquet Vase

Bouquet vases have a flared out top, therefore, you have a lot of room for your flowers. The arrangement of flowers can look quite tall in these vases because they are itself 7 inches tall.

For the best arrangement put 2 stems of Queen Anne’s Lace, gerbera daisies, Peruvian lilies, solidago, a bunch of sunflowers and salal lemon leaf.

Bud Vase

These small vases need just 1 or 2 flowers depending on the size of the flowers and the vase. It is best to combine at least 2 or 3 different types of flowers in this vase. Put 1 stem of Rosewood Burst Mums, Indian Corn Poms, grevillea, brassy yellow cushion and 4 springs of seeded eucalyptus.

Bowl Vase

These vases make attractive centerpieces; you can use flowers that float like gerbera daisy blooms or orchids.

You can also make an arrangement using flowers like garden roses, chrysanthemums, and hydrangeas.

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