Helpful blender guide and Top Water Heaters? Things you Must to Know!

Before buying a blender of your choice, you must need to ensure whether it is the one you need or you have to move to another one. In this respect, what you have to predict? Do you know this? If No, then don’t worry! Here we are going to tell you some critical things that will help you predict the best blender that suits you.

Let’s take a look at them!


First of all, check its motor. It is no doubt an important element of any blender. The higher power any blender has, the more it will perform well. In this regard, if you need a blender for simple jobs, then the power of minimum 500 watts should opt. For heavy jobs, the motor with power more than 1000 watts would be your priority.

Speed Setting

Is it of importance? Yes of course. A good blender is comprised of at least three settings. Even the top-ranked or best blenders come with more phenomenal functions to the toughest task with ease. These heavy jobs include crush setting, pureeing soup, setting, and many more.

According to my perspective, the more settings a blender has, the more convenient it would be for you.


Now come towards another important thing, which is a blade. Before selecting a blade, you should have to consider its blade. Look at the type of blade, a blender has. As you know, it is a blade that provides optimal results and performance.

Looking at the type of blade will help you recognize whether it will accomplish your desires by performing heavy jobs or not. Why you should check? It is because some blenders have a blade for solid objects, some have for chopping, and other purposes.

In all these perspectives, you better the purpose for which you are buying a blender. Check for the blade too in the type of blender you going to choose.


Here comes the last but important aspect you can’t ignore. Yes, everyone needs the best blender in cheap or economical rates. If you go through the elements discussed above, you have come to a blender you need.

What if you need a blender with more functions? It would be of higher cost. Now, what to do? Relax! In this competitive environment, there present several blenders that would accomplish your needs in a better, and they are economical too. 

Moving towards another interesting element, Water heater. You need it most in a cold environment. Here are some water heaters, work best in winter.

Let’s check!

Why go through the hassle of heating water the traditional way when you can get a geyser at an affordable price? Geysers or water heaters are absolute essentials for the winters, they can save a lot of your time and effort. You need to consider a few things before you shop for one, like space to install it, its size, heating capacity, power consumption, its brand, etc. There are also various types of geysers that include gas, electric, storage, and tank-less geysers, each has its perks. Read on to know about the best geysers out there so you only choose the best for yourself.

AMERICAN MICRONIC 15 Liter Imported Geyser

Blenders and Top Water Heaters

Water heaters can be sensitive when it comes to hard water and corrosion. The American Micronic comes with a Titanium enamel glass lined tank that prevents the geyser against corrosion. It also saves energy and can be easily installed anywhere. This geyser is also ideal for multi-story buildings. It comes with a capillary thermostat and variable temperature control for your convenience. The geyser has a warranty of 2 years.

Morphy Richards Lavo EM 6-litre Water Heater

Blenders and Top Water Heaters

Possessing a stylish look and modern design, this water heater by Morphy Richards will provide you with warm water in a jiffy. The automatic weather heat selection feature and weather mode allow you to choose the temperature according to your needs. It also comes with a remote to provide you with the convenience of altering the temperature. With a glass-lined coated inner tank, the heater is resistant to corrosion and hard water.

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater

Blenders and Top Water Heaters

With a storage capacity of 10 liters, this water heater can also store water for long periods so you can get a sufficient supply of water whenever you face the need. This water heater is durable as well as powerful to supply warm water efficiently. With the temperature settings feature, you can adjust the temperature of the water according to your needs.

Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

Blenders and Top Water Heaters

This water heater is super attractive and you’ll instantly want to get it for yourself. When it comes to the features and functionality, this water heater will provide you with hot water in no time. Its strong anti-rust built prevents corrosion and makes the water heater super durable. The brand has focused on the safety and convenience of the users and provides exactly.

Powerpye 25-liter Water Heater Geyser

Blenders and Top Water Heaters

The Powerpye water heater has a storage capacity of 25 liters, which is one of its most attractive features. The heater is also very compact and can be easily installed anywhere you like. It is also very safe to use and made up of high-quality material to provide maximum efficiency and durability.

You can buy geysers online and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time. Now you don’t have to go through the hassle of visiting different stores and carrying the geysers back home with online shopping!

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