Top 5 Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

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Top 5 Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

In current times, we are all busy and require assistance with daily chores around the house.Doing everything manually around the kitchen is a big hassle and quite tiring as well. This is where kitchen appliances and accessories come in handy. They expedite the execution of various cooking-related tasks for us.If you have just set up house for the first time or are looking to upgrade your kitchen, here is a list of the Top 5 Kitchen Appliances and Accessories to help you out.


Microwaves are a great help when you have to warm or reheat something. A microwave also helps in cooking food like lasagna or pasta and you can heat up semi-cooked meals in them so they become fully edible. You can also heat fluids like soup or water in it for tea or coffee.

However, some people may not like the fact that microwaves occupy so much space on their kitchen counter. In such situations, you can place the microwave somewhere inside the kitchen or get a special drawer or cabinet designed for it.

Steam Oven

Steam Oven

Steam ovens are a great appliance for cooking delicious, healthy meals. Research shows that your food retains 25% more vitamins when cooked in a steam oven as opposed to a conventional stove. This is because they utilize heat by means of convection and throws in steam to make your food soft and warm.

In addition, they have recently become popular again mainly due to their ability to prepare healthy foods. They can also reheat leftover food in a nice way.That is why we would include a steam oven in the list of one of our top 5 kitchen appliances.

Large Range

Large Range

A large range is always a good appliance to have in your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you have a microwave or a steam oven, you would always require burners in your kitchen for the actual cooking.A large range usually comes with a full oven for cooking meat and a half oven for baking. Most of them also have up to 8 burners at the top, in case you want to cook something directly on fire.

This appliance is a must-have if you have a large family and like to make big meals for them. Moreover, if you are a fan of baking, you absolutely want this appliance in your kitchen.


A refrigerator is an essential appliance in your kitchen. It helps conserve your leftover food and dairy products such as milk, yogurt, etc. You can easily keep a track of your edible grocery when you keep it in the fridge. Refrigerators also assist you in planning your daily meals for the week by storing all the ingredients required safely.

A fridge is an appliance that isn’t noticed much in its presence but its absence is felt deeply. You are most likely to feel the need of a fridge in your kitchen when you have to store a leftover during hot weather.


A dishwasher should be on top of your list of kitchen appliances to buy if you like to eat at home most nights of the week. They make the task of washing the dishes very convenient for you. Sometimes, the cooking process doesn’t take so long as the washing up after the meal does.

In addition, washing the dishes after the meal does not even lead to the internal satisfaction that cooking a meal gives. So, it is preferable to get a dishwasher to help you with this chore.

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