6 Durable and Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $500

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Best Office Chairs Under $500

An outstanding ergonomic office chair protects your health if you sit for eight hours or more. Sitting on a chair that doesn’t support your back can lead to several health complications like shoulder pain, poor circulation, eye strain, and back pain. We have picked up the best office chairs under $500 that will help in these health issues.

For making this buy-list, we have reviewed every ergonomic chair to ensure a reliable product for you. Here are the 6 most comfortable and reliable office chairs to maintain your health and helps you work contentedly.

Let’s start viewing features hidden in these best ergonomic office chairs under $500.

Liccx Ergonomic Office Desk Chair

Liccx Ergonomic Office Desk Chair

An adjustable and extremely cozy office chair comfortable for any body type. It is truly an innovative office chair with a great design that relieves back pain in long hours of office work. Its reliable features include:

  • 4D armrest adjustment
  • Long-lasting backrest and a leaning chassis that adjusts seat tightness automatically
  • Large weight capacity (up to 300 lb)
  • Easy to assemble

Find these features attractive?  That’s why it is on our list of best office chairs under $500. Liccx Ergonomic Office chair is convenient to people of any age and body. Its impressive features with relevant tools will let you work with no hassle.

HON Wave Big and Tall Ergonomic Office Chair

HON Wave Big and Tall Ergonomic Office Chair

Looking for an affordable and incredible (even less than $400) office chair? HON Wave Big and Tall is the one to consider before buying. It has all the outstanding features you see in more expensive chairs but at a low cost. It includes:

  • All adjustments (seat depth and height adjustments, tilt lock, height adjustable arms, and tilt tension)
  • Fixed lumbar support (if you want an adjustable feature, then select the model accordingly)
  • It is best for tall and average height people. A slight complication is for short-height people because the seat is 17 inches high. For below-average height people, a footrest is recommended)
  • High-quality material for more durability
  • Max weight capacity is 450 lb. That’s why it is heavy (over 50 lb)
  • A 2-year warranty

However, the seat seemed to be squeak from time to time. A plastic back can be a slight issue for some people. Despite, it is an incredible model in many aspects mentioned above. 

Verve Ergonomic Office Chair

Verve Ergonomic Office Chair

Here comes another comfortable and smart ergonomic office chair. The manufacturer designed it simple with a simple adjustment. If you’re looking for a simple, smarter, and better ergonomic chair with no compromise on quality, then Verve ergonomic chair is here. It is in our best office chair under $500 list due to the below features:

  • Superior lumbar support with simple adjustability
  • An attractive and simple design
  • Affordable (under $500) 
  • Synchro-tilt and tilt tension adjustment 

Buy this fabulous chair to ease your back and legs in long working hours as it is available online. 

Office Master Truly Ergonomic Office chair

Office Master Truly Ergonomic Office chair

One of the best office chairs under $500 is, Truly, manufactured by Office Master. Why is it on our list of best office chairs under $500? With more adjustable varieties and a well-built design, Truly is available at different price ranges under $500. The better model you select, the more ease you will get.

Its Executive Synchro mechanism is magnificent and includes 5 variable tilt positions:

  • Independent back angle adjustment
  • The lumbar depth and back height adjustment
  • Seat height and back adjustment

Buying this will ensure all features you’re looking for in an ergonomic office chair. Within under $500, Truly doesn’t offer more varieties in arm adjustments, but arm height adjustments only. It’s more features under $500 include:

  • Flexible and breathable Poly backrest
  • Variety in casters seat sizes
  • Different colors are available in the back, seat, and frame.

These well-designed and adorable officer chair is available to let you calm in stressful working hours. Find it awesome? Yeah, it is! So what are you waiting for?

BTOD Akir Comfortable Officer Chair

BTOD Akir Comfortable Officer Chair

BTOD Akir is a comfortable office chair available at different prices with comfortable options under $500. You can it the most comfortable office chair for under $500. It comes with a solid product warranty which is an incredible thing to get under $500. What includes in it is given below:

  • A most comfortable, soft, and attractive seat that doesn’t bottom out, unlike other ergonomic office chairs
  • Large, padded, and thickly office chair with no hard edge.
  • Breathable mesh back and adjustable lumbar support
  • 4-way arms and different locking positions

Under $500, these features are superb. That’s why it is on our list of best office chairs under $500. These features are enough to ensure cool office working while adjusting concentration at work.

SMUGDESK Ergonomic Office Chair

SMUGDESK Ergonomic Office Chair

Another best office chair under $500, waiting to grab your concentration with its excellent features. This budget-friendly ergonomic chair offers high product quality.

  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Contented memory foam seat cushion
  • Integrated lumbar paid to support posture
  • Soft armrests

It is a fully adjustable product on different axes and is easy to assemble too. The manufacturer offers one product warranty which is good for the ones who gonna use it for the first time. With

A well-designed and durable office chair can deliver your back and body support from pain and stress in long working hours. If you’re searching for a smart and fully adjustable office chair, then our informative buying guide for the best office chairs under $500 will help you get the finest office chair that suits your body and budget


What is the best office chair under $500?

Finding a cheap office chair with incredible features? Don’t worry! You’ll get the fine chair under $500. Just see our picks in the best office chair under $500. It includes:

  • Liccx Ergonomic Office Desk Chair
  • HON Wave Big and Tall Ergonomic Office Chair 
  • Verve Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Office Master Truly Ergonomic Office chair
  • BTOD Akir Comfortable Officer Chair
  • SMUGDESK Ergonomic Office Chair

What features to look for while buying an ergonomic office chair?

Several aspects are essential to look for before selecting a well-designed and comfortable office chair. Our top picks in best office chairs under $500 are here to deliver a sigh of relief in this selection. Other fascinating features are:

  • A lumbar and back support
  • Comfort with adjustability
  • Material and durability
  • Price (if you have a budget issue. See our best picks under $500)
  • Design or appearance
  • Reclining ease
  • Warranty

What comfort do office chairs provide?

These ergonomic office chairs are designed to provide:

  • Smooth support to your back (by keeping it straight while working)
  • Weight off shoulders.
  • Minimized stress on muscles and joints

What posture is good while sitting on an officer?

With a correct posture, your body remains calm and fresh. It is better to sit in a vertical position. Avoid trying to lean forward. Your back should touch the chair, and remember, it should be well-supported. Chair height is well adjusted so that your feet are well-placed on the floor. Avoid dangling of feet.  

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