Most Effective Home Remedies for White Vaginal Discharge

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Home Remedies for White Vaginal Discharge

What is the white fluid that comes out of women? It is a white vaginal discharge that also known as leukorrhea or leucorrhoea. Almost every woman faces it. It is natural and helps the body maintain vagina healthy by flushing harmful microorganisms out. It has different types, and due to different causes, their indication is a distinct discharge color. In pregnancy, it is more common. 

In general, Vaginal discharge is a fluid that usually starts when a girl is having its first menstrual period. Hormonal changes, pregnancy, or any infection also cause vaginal discharge and its consistency. Its different types also include brown, green, or yellow discharge. Among them, thick white discharge is common.

Want to know leucorrhoea treatment tips, you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss types, causes, and effective home remedies for white discharge. Have a look at this phenomenal knowledge, valuable for every woman! 

Is White Vaginal Discharge Normal?

Different vaginal color indicates hormonal changes inside body. White discharge is common in vaginal discharge. Sometimes, it looks slightly yellowish. It is also normal if you not feel any irritation, itching, or similar discomfort.

In ovulation, a clear, watery, or stretchy vaginal discharge occurs. It is due to the release of eggs from ovaries. Some people use it as an indication of potential fertility. Thick white discharge shows an infertile cervical mucus.

Types of white discharge

Before going towards home remedies for white discharge, it is important to know the types of white discharges.

Clear white

It is normal discharge. It represents the condition of ovulation. If you feel irritation, itching, or similar symptoms, then it is not normal.

Creamy white

What does a creamy white discharge mean? Don’t be confused about it. A creamy white discharge is also normal before periods. It is another condition that represents the ovulation when this discharge is going to be thick and stretchy.

Milky White

A thick and milky white discharge is an indication of early pregnancy.

Itchy White

If you experience a clumpy and thick white discharge, then it is not normal and can cause itching. It is a yeast infection that is caused due to fungus or yeast in the vagina. This sort of white discharge requires treatment. There present several home remedies for white discharge treatment mentioned below.


Before taking a look at home remedies for white discharge, there is another thing to know; white discharge causes. The possible white discharge causes include:

  • Normal functioning of a reproductive system
  • Hormonal birth control.
  • Pregnancy. The discharge is thick, white, and creamier than normal.

Natural Home-based Remedies for white Discharge

These useful and result-oriented home remedies for white discharge will make you feel convenient. How to stop white discharge from them? Read about these remedies, and you will be amazed to see their benefits in leukorrhea or leucorrhoea treatment. 

Ladyfinger Remedy

Ladyfinger is commonly available in vegetable stock. Boil it and consume its slurry. Another effective method is to soak ladyfinger with tampons and yogurt. Is yogurt effective in this case? Yes! It stops bacterial growth in vagina.

Normal vaginal discharge cleans fungal and bacterial growth inside vaginal area. This sort of white discharge is also common in sexual intercourse.


Treatment with Amla is effective and one of the fabulous home remedies for white discharge. Slice amla (Indian gooseberry) in pieces and then dry in the sunlight. A few days later, it will become dry. Now, grind it. Consume two tablespoons of it with honey (in same quantity). It is better to use it twice daily.

Rice starch

Boil the rice and filter water from it. Cool it down and drink regularly to prevent white discharge. It is an effective remedy for ladies repeatedly suffering from leukorrhea. This remedy will provide you ease a.


Take some pieces of dry ginger and grind it to make powder. Now, take two tablespoons of ginger powder and boil it in water till it becomes half. Drink this water regularly. This proven remedy will take you away from leucorrhoea. It is recommended to use it for 3 weeks.

Remedy of Banana

Banana is full of minerals that strengthen the immune system. To make this remedy, you need a ripe banana. Take 1 or 2 ripe bananas to keep away from the white discharge. It is a convenient remedy that will help you find relief from this problem.


Here comes another effective home remedy for white discharge. Take 2 or 3 dried figs and soak it in water overnight. In morning, blend figs sufficiently and drink it when your stomach is empty. What if you have figs in power form? Don’t worry! In this case, mix one spoon powder fig in almost 2 cups of water.

Drink it regularly whether you have white discharge after periods, in pregnancy, or during the menstrual cycle.

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